Established in 2005, IXOR Digital is a CGI and post-production company offering high quality Effects & 3D animation services.
The main production house is located in Athens, Greece, with studio offices in London and Los Angeles. Our passion and
hard work we have earned us several awards and accolades from our peers in the international CG community.

We employ state of the art technologies, and our artists possess the know-how, talent, vision, and most importantly the
desire to consistently outdo themselves with each new project.

We support all production stages, from pre-visualization, character and concept design, to On-Set supervision as
well as animation and compositing.

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3D Animation & Visual FX: 2D Services & Compositing:
On-Set Supervision Concept Art and Matte Painting
CG Animals, Creatures, Humans & Digital Doubles Rotoscoping, Wire Removal and Keying
Environments, Vehicles & Products Paint, Cleanup and Cosmetic Fixes
Liquid / Fluid FX & Dynamic Simulations Finishing / Digital Compositing.

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