Project: Robot Protergia

Production: Filmiki

Director: Dennis Iliadis

Agency: The Newtons

SUMMARY: A touching tale of Dennis the robot lost in the big city.

We meet a loving family on the move to a new home. As they load the last boxes in the truck, they by mistake leave one behind.

But the box contains something far more valuable than some plates, pillow covers or TV remote controls. Inside the box that is left behind we find Dennis, who is a small robot that has come to be a part of their family and the best friend of Lukas, the son.

On Dennis search for Lukas and his family he gets into trouble and just when he thought he lost his faith, hoping he will get reunited once again with his loved ones, a bigger force is reaching out to help.

We know it all the way back to the beginning of life – lights will guide you home.

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