Project: Plaisio Tech Freaks

Production: Boo

Director: Yiannis Christoforou

Agency: Ten Four

SUMMARY: A well-known company in Greece is holding a secret. Behind the scenes of a usual shop there are five characters that are silently running the business with their special knowledge.

Stumbling upon one of these characters might take you by surpriseā€¦ As one of the shops summer employees did while we caught them in action.

Check out the video and meet our Tech Freaks Steve the Gadget Guru, LEDy the TV Lover, Palette the Creative Genius, Bill the PC Maker and last but not least Elvis the Customer Service Idol.

IXOR was responsible for concept and character design, 3D animation, on set supervision, Post production and colour grading.

Copyright © IXOR3D & IXORVFX Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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