Project: The Circle (2015) "Cirkeln" (original title)

Production: RMV Film
Director: Levan Akin
Duration: 144 min



An otherworldly evil is slipping into a small town in Sweden. Six unrelated girls have been chosen to fight this evil. Together they must overcome their differences in order to save themselves and the world.

Services Provided:

ALL VFX & On Set Supervision
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Cirkeln - VFX Making of PART I

Making of Info:


After four intense months of shooting in the Scandinavian landscape IXOR was responsible for all the visual effects behind the Swedish feature Film "CIRKELN" produced by RMV Film.  We were awarded every VFX shot the film had which came to +290, including set extensions, fire and smoke, digital doubles and matte paintings​.

Behind the screens, layers, set images and videos showing the technical aspect and the magic of visual effects. Enjoy!

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